• Property Facts

    ♦ UK Population is growing year on year
    ♦ House building is at it’s lowest levels 
    ♦ The average age of a first time buyer is 37

    ♦ Britain is becoming a nation of renters
    ♦ 1.7m individuals are on the UK housing list

    Property Facts
  • Property Prices

    ♦ Property offers a good hedge against inflation
    ♦ A property purchase in 1986 for £32,929
    would today be valued at £150,000
    ♦ Property historically doubles every 7-10 years
    ♦ Many or the Times Rich List hold property
    ♦ Property can be geared or leveraged

    Property Prices
  • Property Investment

     ♦ Now is probably the best time in a decade
    ♦ Property investment from as little as £12,000
    ♦ Full advice given
    ♦ Portfolio construction
    ♦ Finance available


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    Property Investment


With over ten years experience in property we have established a large client base of people from various backgrounds. With property investment from as little as £10,000 and typical returns of 10%+, we believe it is one of the safest investment you can make.

There’s nothing as safe as bricks & mortar…


Combined this with the fact that now is probably the best buying period in a decade you not only benefit from income, but capital growth as well.

Historically the UK has always has a massive demand for housing and is still not meeting annual targets. This, is resulting in rising rents which can only benefit investors.

Decade of returns - FTSE100 v's PropertyIn a recent comparison between the FTSE 100 and a typical property over the last decade – the growth in property was significantly higher – 14.28% v’s 90.26%!

With the recent turmoil in stockmarkets around the world, and the potential for a large company’s share price to become worthless – there has been a noticeable flight to property recently. This is typically due to property offering a great hedge against inflation and the underlying fact that property seldom becomes worthless.

In a recent survey by Legal & General the average pension fund in the UK was found to be only £25,000!

Perhaps there are many different reasons why this figure is so low, but contributing factors must surely include:- Pensions are too complicated, How safe is my pension? (eveyone remembers Equitable Life), Compulsory purchase of an annuity, What happens to my pension on my death?

Pension should offer a good footing in providing an income at retirement, with a typical man aged 65 now living to 82 today and females even longer, pension investing should always be considered as part of a balanced portfolio to secure an income in retirement – but should it be relied on solely?  

That said, even individuals who have built up funds of £100,000 over 30 years plus, when purchasing an annuity will only receive an index linked income of £3,586 for male age 60 & £3,272 for female aged 65 – (Source: Annuity-rates.org)

Check out how stressful it can be when buying a annuity – this update explains more in detail - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15105030

Low Savings Rates in UK

Saving Rates have been low for several years now and this trend is likely to continue. The reason is the growth prospects of the UK is weak due to a variety of factors:- Base rates in the UK is at a record low, Euro crisis involving Greece at the present, Consumer confidence in the UK, Debt in the UK and around the world by governments and consumers is high.

With the recent announcement that the Bank of England is to inject £75 billion through Quantative Easing (QE2) and public confirmation bank base is unlikely to increase for considerable time – this will keep a lid of savings rates.

With many individuals using income from capital to live, they will have seen over the last few year now only their savings being eroded by high inflation – but in many cases the need to use some of the capital to supplement the shortfall in required income.